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Walk.Bike.Ohio | ODOT Policy Plan

ODOT is launching its first-ever pedestrian and bicycle policy plan — Walk.Bike.Ohio — to address growing interest in active transportation among Ohioans. This plan will guide active transportation policies and program investments in the state for years to come.

Part of the plan development process includes meetings with stakeholders, including people who plan for, design, build or develop policies or programs related to walking and biking.

There will be six stakeholder meetings held around the state in July. The dates and cities are as follows:

All meetings are from 2-4 PM. Attendees can RSVP at:

At the meeting, the Walk.Bike.Ohio team will ask attendees to share their experiences and give feedback on the state of walking and biking in Ohio as the plan is starting.

To ensure we have a broad range of interests represented in the plan’s development, we are asking that you share  information about these stakeholder meetings with your colleagues.  Please forward and share the attached invitation and Facebook post and image as you deem appropriate. 

Additional information on the meetings and the plan are available on the Walk.Bike.Ohio website. Additionally, there is a survey link on the website for the public to give feedback on the plan’s development.

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