Strategic Planning Professional Services - RFP

Ohio Conference of Community Development, Inc.

Project Background

The Ohio Conference of Community Development (OCCD) is a 175+ member statewide association of community and economic development organizations, dedicated since 1965, to helping develop, implement and improve federal, state and local programs for community development. Beyond that, to develop and improve professional standards and practices across all phases of public administration related to community development.

Our members are community and economic development practitioners from Ohio 's cities, counties, villages, non-profit organizations and consulting firms. The organization has provided leadership, training, advocacy, and has been the collective voice of Ohio’s community development industry for over 50 years.

Project Overview

In effort to prepare the organization for the future, OCCD is seeking the services of a strategic planning consultant to assist the organization with various activities; including membership survey instrument development and analysis, staff and board workshop session, planning session design and facilitation, the synthesis of updated mission/vision statements, as well as the preparation of a final written and oral report detailing the findings and recommendations of the strategic planning project and potential goals for the organization.

Onboarding Process

In preparation for undertaking the strategic planning process, the Executive Committee has been tasked with reviewing the organization’s operations and fiscal practices over the past two (2) years.  This process has included a review of membership dues, training fees, cost reduction measures, and opportunities to increase revenue through fundraising and expanding training opportunities for members and non-members. 

In order to provide an adequate briefing, we would anticipate that the proposers would spend 1-2 hours with Doug Harsany, current OCCD President, either by phone or in person, if possible, covering work plan items that have been accomplished or are underway.  Foundational strategic planning work has been performed at the board level and one SWOT session was held with the membership attending OCCD’s Fall Quarterly meeting. Phil Downing, is leading the strategic planning effort for the board and has summarized the output of the SWOT breakout groups.  Anticipate 1-2 hours of discussion regarding the SWOT.  Again, this could take place by phone or in person if timing and scheduling allow. Interviews with other Executive team members and staff, collectively or individually, may be helpful (8 people total). We also feel that a workshop session should be conducted with the OCCD Board of Directors and staff. This could be done at a separately scheduled retreat, or as a part of a board meeting. The OCCD Board meets quarterly, with the next two meetings scheduled for April 23 and July 23, 2019.    

A draft membership questionnaire is in the process of being developed.  We would like the consultant to review the draft and make recommendations for updates prior to dissemination to the membership.  The plan is for OCCD staff to disseminate the questionnaire via Survey Monkey to the membership. Results would be compiled and provided to the membership by the consultant during a planning session with the full membership at the OCCD Summer Annual meeting, on July 24, 2019. The deadline for completion of the written report and recommendations will be at the OCCD Board Meeting on October 29, 2019. An oral presentation of findings and recommendations will be made to the OCCD Board at that time, followed by a presentation to the membership on October 30.

Qualifications of Consultant

The successful proposer will possess a demonstrated track record of providing strategic planning services to nonprofit membership organizations. The proposer maybe an individual firm, or collaboration of professionals that have successfully guided similar planning processes.

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