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APA CLE Call for Proposals

Submit ideas for Field Trips & Planner Exchanges

APA Cleveland is scheduling new events for 2017 and we are seeking your ideas!

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Field Trip
Our goal is to get everyone away from their desk, out of the office and into the field to experience first-hand some of the great projects in Northeast Ohio. These trips will allow participants the opportunity to hear directly from those involved in the project as they tour a building, project site, neighborhood or district. Think mobile workshop, without the accompanying conference.

We are targeting three field trips for 2017 (July, August and November) but are flexible in terms of overall number and scheduling.

Planner Exchange (PX)
A Planner Exchange is our take on a traditional salon. And we don’t mean where you get a manicure. Rather, we are creating the space for planners to share viewpoints, discuss pressing issues and unpack ideas related to the field of planning. A moderator/expert will lead the discussion to ensure all participants have an opportunity to voice opinions or ask questions.

We are targeting three PXs for 2017 (March, July and November) but are flexible in terms of overall number and scheduling.

Submit A Proposal
If you are interested in hosting/moderating an APA CLE Field Trip or Planner Exchange, or simply have a great topic idea but don't know who should lead the discussion, please complete the proposal form below. APA Cleveland will work with organizers to finalize details and coordinate logistics, including location, refreshments and advance registration, as needed.

Proposals will be accepted on an on-going basis. Proposals will be considered in the order received.


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