Election to Fellow (FAICP) is one of the highest honors that the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) bestows upon a member. Below are the biographies of APA Ohio Fellows. For more information on the FAICP process and the work they promote, click here and you will be directed to the National APA site.

APA Ohio is proud to have twenty-one FAICP members within our membership!


Fellow Biographies

2018 Inductees

Robert Eichenberg and Wendy Moeller were inducted into the AICP College of Fellows (FAICP) at the 2018 American Planning Association National Planning Conference in New Orleans, LA on April 22, 2018. 


2016 Inductees

Jamie Greene, Kristin Hopkins, and Terry Schwarz were inducted into the AICP College of Fellows (FAICP) at the 2016 American Planning Association National Planning Conference in Phoenix, AZ on April 3, 2016. 

Jamie Greene
Throughout his 20+ year career, Mr. Greene has remained consistently and enthusiastically dedicated to advancing the profession of planning, catalyzing change in communities nationwide, serving his community in Central Ohio, and seeing the results of these efforts implemented according to their vision. The results of this dedication are evident across the span of his career.
Mr. Greene has accomplished his goals by serving the community and practice via board membership and APA involvement, teaching and mentoring through a close relationship with The Ohio State University, steadfastly collaborating with clients and other highly regarded practitioners, and being a pioneer of community engagement in the planning process. Mr. Greene’s accomplishments in planning and implementation have been recognized and awarded nationwide. He is leading a small firm with a large footprint.

Kristin Hopkins
Ms. Hopkins has been a long-serving, energetic, consistent and hard-working part of Ohio's planning community for over a quarter century. Her service began as a student in the Bachelor of Urban Planning (BUP) program at the University of Cincinnati where she helped raise money to send planning students to the 1985 Planning Conference in Montreal, and continues to this day. Through consistent, passionate and dedicated service to the state chapter and Cleveland section of APA, she has been an ardent promoter of city planning and the planning profession. Among the major achievements of Kris’ career are her wide-ranging set of planning accomplishments from the preparation and drafting of 30 adopted plans, 32 adopted codes, eight focused planning studies, and five revitalization studies, to working with over 350 citizen committee members in formulating the vision for their community, to mentoring young professionals and planning students, to sharing her knowledge and experiences annually at local and state conferences.

Terry Schwarz
Ms. Schwarz began her career in the Planning Department for the City of Shaker Heights, Ohio where she learned the fundamentals of planning practice, urban development, and the preservation of the historic built environment. After ten years, she left the Shaker Planning Department to accept an appointment at Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC). The CUDC is the research and outreach division of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State University. Terry is well-known to planners (and especially planning students) in Northeast Ohio, as she devotes countless hours to advising students on research and career opportunities. She uses her reputation and academic platform to inject a much-needed note of resourcefulness and pragmatism into national and international dialogues about urban decline and regeneration.


2014 Inductees

Robert N. Brown and Vince Papsidero were inducted into the AICP College of Fellows (FAICP) at the 2014 American Planning Association National Planning Conference in Atlanta, GA on April 27, 2014.  Bob and Vince joined the ranks of fifteen other Ohio planners in the AICP College of Fellows.

Robert N. Brown
Bob Brown has been engaged in the field of city planning for the past 42 years as a student, a practitioner and, most recently, as an adjunct professor. Throughout his career, the consistent focus of Bob’s work has been on improving the built environment and the quality of life in urban communities. In Cleveland he has served successfully “at the pleasure” of four mayors, each of whom was characterized by a very distinct style and outlook on planning and development. Unlike most city planners who tend to focus on either the planning side or the regulatory side of the profession, Brown has continued to write zoning and development regulations throughout his career, enhancing his ability to help implement elements of the plans that he has prepared. Critical to Bob’s success in securing acceptance of these regulations and plans has been his ability to win the trust of residents, businesses and elected officials by demonstrating an understanding and respect for their views and then crafting compromises that respond to diverse perspectives without sacrificing the principal intent and outcomes of the original proposal.

Vince Papsidero
Vince Papsidero is a recognized planning practitioner throughout Ohio. His experience spans urban, suburban and rural environs. Throughout his career of 30 plus years, Vince has strived to meet his goal of promoting a strong planning ethic that builds upon technical expertise and community consensus. His thorough understanding of the planning process, coupled with his technical skills has secured his success in advancing plans from visionary wishes to practical implementation. Whether through writing new regulations or bridging conflicting opinions rising from intra-government silos or residents’ fear of change, Vince has held fast to a philosophy that has steadfastly guided him through challenges faced as both a private consultant and a public servant.


2012 Inductees

Congratulations to Ohio Planners Dr. David Edelman and Suzann Rhodes on their acceptance into the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners (FAICP). These two Ohio professionals are part of a national class of only 42. Their induction is well deserved and took place at the APA Conference in Los Angeles this past April.

David Edelman

Dr. Edelman has built an exemplary career in the School of Planning at the University of Cincinnati where, as the director of the School of Planning from 1998 to 2009, he lifted the program to national recognition. Dedicated toward assuring that the students who graduate from the UC program have the opportunity to experience the world of work, he has arranged internships for over 250 students by connecting the university with planning firms, business, and governments. Equally important, he has expanded their minds to consider global impacts by providing overseas classroom opportunities. Dr. Edelman continues to challenge his students at UC through innovative coursework to incite his students to think creatively, independently, and strategically.

Suzann Rhodes
Ms. Rhodes is nationally recognized for her planning work in the field of transportation. Her career has included both the public and private sectors. She was instrumental in meshing public involvement and broad planning approaches with the specialized and technical area of transportation planning and engineering. She was instrumental in modifying the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) project development policy to include a comprehensive, context sensitive planning content. Most importantly however was her success at weaving public involvement and multi-modal considerations throughout the transportation project development process. Ms. Rhodes was a pioneer in achieving a high position of authority at ODOT as a planner rather than an engineer. Ms. Rhodes is currently a Principal at CDM Smith Engineering in Columbus.