Senior Planner (Service Planning)


Pay Range: 62,000-68,500

Job Responsibilities:

• Manage service planning team and prioritize service change efforts for four service changes annually, including:

o Develop, recommend and implement short-term fixed route (and complementary demand response) service plans that meet the goals of the Strategic Plan and Transit Development Plan.

o Exercise independent judgment in the analysis and solution of complex route and schedule problems

o Alongside the Scheduler, ensure efficient development and production of schedules; ensures that blocking, run cutting, and rostering is efficient and productive.

o Manage the development and update of the 5-year Transit Development Plan in coordination with the Senior Planner (Policy and Development)

o Participate on the internal Schedule Committee to discuss scheduling and run time concerns with Operators.

o Plan public meetings for service changes and participate in conducting them

o Develop and present oral, written and graphic presentations that convey complex data and service change information in an accessible and understandable manner to a wide variety of audiences (public, Board of Trustees, Leadership Team, internal and external stakeholders, etc)

• Oversee data collection, management and analysis in support of service changes

o Manage, assign, delegate and oversee and/or conducts complex performance and operational analyses of on-time performance, ridership and other operational issues

o Outline data collection needs and direct/conduct field work to review service issues, collect data, and develop route & schedule changes.

o Provides appropriate data for projecting annual service hours and miles for operating budget

o Design and conduct transit-related surveys, analyze results and prepare reports to summarize findings

o Oversee the submission of National Transit Database reports

o Oversee and/or conduct Title VI analyses for service changed and to support the triennial Title VI report

• Coordinate with external stakeholders on transit service plans and regional infrastructure projects

o Act as the liaison to roadway and other construction projects being undertaken by outside organizations (City, County, ODOT, etc.) that impact METRO bus service

o In coordination with the Director of Planning and Strategic Development Work cooperatively with other METRO departments and outside organizations to plan and implement transit-related services, facilities and/or programs

o Respond to customer comments and complaints relating to service and bus stops

o Build positive and collaborative working relationships with all internal and external stakeholders to ensure the advancement of METRO’s operational needs

• Manage bus stops and amenities

o Manages and directs the Agency’s transit amenities program; oversees review and preparation of comments to stakeholder cities and public agencies regarding impacts on transit amenities.

o Manages all assets at METRO bus stops, including signs, sign poles, shelters, benches, trash cans and other amenities through the development and implementation of an asset management plan, in coordination with the agency’s TAM plan.

o Maintains bus stop and shelter inventory and keeps inventory up to date as bus stop changes occur or service needs change.

o Review, evaluate and respond to requests for bus stop location changes

o Manage system-wide bus stop optimization process in coordination with short- and long-term service plans

o Implement bus stop location changes based on policy, field observations, analysis of ridership trends and forecasted needs.

o Communicates at least weekly, or as needed, with Off-Site Maintenance staff member on field work required to maintain bus stop assets.

o In collaboration with the Senior Planner (Policy and Development), oversee and update the Bus Stop Design Guidelines document as necessary

• Additional Duties

o Maintain awareness of new trends and developments in the fields related to area of assignment;

o Performs other related duties as assigned

o Regular attendance is an essential function of this job

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