Barberton Zoning Code Update - RFQ

City of Barberton

The City of Barberton is requesting SOQ from an accomplished consultant (the “Team”) to lead the development process for a new development code with leanings towards a Form-Based Code (FBC). The City is open to discussion, but due to the fact all land within corporate limits is nearly entirely developed with little to no undeveloped land, we feel that the “form is currently in place” to advance a FBC. The new code is intended to be “lean” or less restrictive in identified areas of the city, with the intention of promoting and supporting business growth in the City. While some other, mostly residential areas, of the City may have more stringent requirements, intended to foster walkable communities and keep the historic character that currently exists. The new code will replace the present development code. The code should be designed to be both user-friendly to the average citizen and business, to the extent that it offers predictability. The Team will develop a general reorganization of code management and framework of administration processes to streamline zoning reviews. The Team will be expected to lead necessary processes to support a recommendation for approval by the City’s Planning Commission and adoption by Barberton City Council.

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