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2018 APA Ohio Chapter Election Update

Notice of Candidates + Bylaw Changes

2018 APA Ohio Chapter Election Update

The APA Ohio Chapter’s biennial election will occur this summer. The process will be managed by APA at the national level, and all regular APA Ohio members (regardless of whether they are full APA or chapter only members) will receive an email notification to vote beginning in August.


Board of Trustees Election

The 2018 ballot includes the election of eight (8) new Trustees to the Board, including six (6) professional planners and two (2) citizen planners. The candidate slate includes the following:

Professional (10 Candidates) – 6 Board positions available

  1. Joyce Braverman
  2. Kenneth Fallows
  3. Katherine Keough-Jurs
  4. Martin Kim
  5. Ann Klavora
  6. Kimberly (Wenger) Lieber
  7. Paul Logue
  8. Nichole Martin
  9. Megha Sinha
  10. Jacqueline Yeoman

Citizen (4 Candidates) – 2 Board positions available

  1. Tom Breidenstein
  2. Daniel Kennedy
  3. Anthony Lococo
  4. Danielle Wonkovich

Click here to learn more about each of the candidates.

The APA Ohio Chapter bylaws include provisions for Chapter members seeking to become petition candidates to serve on the Board of Trustees. Please contact Rachel Ray, Governance Committee Co-Chair, for more information regarding this process.

APA Ohio wishes to thank all of the candidates, as well as those who submitted nominations to serve on the APA Ohio Chapter Board, for their interest in serving the Chapter membership and for their continued involvement in furthering the mission of APA Ohio.


Chapter Bylaws Amendments

The ballot also includes amendments to the APA Ohio Chapter bylaws. APA recommends that Chapters review their bylaws no less than every five years.

The bylaws were last amended in 2016 to make minor revisions to the election process to follow the procedures by APA National, but it has been more than five years since a comprehensive review has taken place. The proposed amendments that will be included as part of the 2018 ballot are primarily intended to ensure that the bylaws are aligned with current Board organization and management, the Board’s strategic plan and annual work plan, and updated policies.

A summary of the draft amendments follows, and the red-line version of the proposed amendments can be viewed here.

Substantive Amendments

  1. Creating new Board of Trustees positions for representatives of accredited university planning programs. These representatives are modeled after the Section representative positions on the Board and are intended to serve as liaisons between APA Ohio and the universities to assist with student membership recruitment, aligning planning programs and practice, and continuing education and professional development opportunities.
  2. Eliminating the Secretary officer role and introducing the Professional Development Officer as an elected role on the Executive Committee. Many of the Secretary functions described in the bylaws are currently performed by the Executive Director, while the Professional Development Officer will serve an important part of implementing the Chapter’s Strategic Plan by providing assistance to the membership in gaining membership in AICP and assisting in the continuing education of all Chapter members.
  3. Addressing the role of the APA Ohio Executive Director, which is currently a contracted role, including oversight and administration by the APA Ohio Chapter President.
  4. Updating the APA Ohio Chapter Committees to reflect how the functions of each committee have evolved since the committee descriptions were drafted and to ensure their functions are aligned with the Chapter’s Strategic Plan.
    1. Some committee responsibilities were shifted, including moving the annual Section certification and facilitating the creation of a strategic plan from the Governance Committee to the Executive Committee.
    2. Some committees were combined, including Membership and Outreach, and the Governance and Audit and Nominating/Teller committees.
  5. Eliminating obsolete membership categories (group memberships and honorary life memberships).
  6. Minor amendments to the election process to reflect new procedures administered by APA.
  7. New Sections:
    1. (7.0) Provisions related to the role of the Executive Director, as described above.
    2. (9.5) Addressing conference calls and electronic meetings.
    3. (11.0) Whistleblower and conflict of interest policies, as recommended by the Ohio Attorney General for nonprofit organizations.

General Amendments

  1. Simplifying descriptions and statements to maximize flexibility (such as allowing committee functions to evolve over time).
  2. Minor reorganizations, language clarifications, and updated references.


APA Ohio Chapter members are encouraged to review the proposed amendments and submit to Rachel Ray, Governance Committee Co-Chair, no later than 5:00pm on Thursday, June 21, 2018.

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