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AICP Exam Scholarships Available

Applications due Jan 31

2020 Reduced Exam Fee Scholarship

Perhaps you have considered taking the exam, but have hesitated because of the $425 exam fee.  If you have a financial hardship you may be eligible for a 2020 Reduced Exam Fee Scholarship. This program was put into place by APA and AICP to offer assistance to those individuals who may have deferred taking or have been unable to take the AICP exam because of the high cost.

APA Ohio has been allotted two scholarship for the May 2020 testing window. Scholarship recipients pay reduced fees to AICP as follows:

  • First time AICP applicants: $145 (combined $70 application and $75 exam fee)
  • Previously approved AICP applicants: $75 (exam fee only)  

Fine Print:

  • The awarding of a scholarship does not guarantee that a recipient will be approved to take the AICP Exam. The exam application will be evaluated like any other. 
  • If you should be awarded a scholarship but have already paid the exam fee, APA will reimburse you.
  • AICP Candidate participants will be considered last, as the fee to sit for the exam is already greatly reduced.

Reduced AICP Exam Fee Scholarship Selection Criteria  

Interested members must submit a written request to APA Ohio which includes the following:

  1. An explanation of your financial hardship (including financial hardship caused by a budget cutback in a firm or agency).  Examples of financial hardship include but are not limited to:
    • The applicant’s employer will not subsidize the exam fee.
    • The applicant will be otherwise unlikely to take the exam without the reduced fee.
  2. A short summary of your education and work experience indicating briefly how your level of education and professional planning experience meet the AICP certification eligibility requirements.
  3. Optional – information on your ethnicity and/or race.  Because APA, AICP and APA Ohio are committed to increasing the diversity of the organization, members of ethnic or racial minorities will be given preference, all things being equal.  

Submit a written scholarship request to APA Ohio at no later than January 31, 2020.     

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