Planning Division Manager

City of Euclid

Pay Range: $61,560 - $79,200

Job Summary:

Working under the direction of the Director of Planning and Development, the employee manages a wide variety and scale of programs and projects focused on improving quality of life by shaping the physical setting for working, living, and visiting the City. The employee endeavors to create memorable, integrated, equitable solutions to complex design and planning problems.

Job Duties:

- Plan, design and implement public projects ranging from municipal beautification and placemaking initiatives to the development of comprehensive park, residential and commercial districts. Work includes but is not limited to streetscape and transportation projects, public art projects, historic preservation and landmark projects, and open and vacant space assembly and planning projects.

- Work closely with other departmental and City staff to coordinate, strategize and achieve planning goals as outlined by the “Euclid Master Plan”.

- Effectively manage relationships with key community, industry, and government stakeholders, grantors, and organizations in order to ensure the success of planning initiatives.

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