Comprehensive Recreation, Park and Open Space Plan - RFP

Marshall Township

Marshall Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, is accepting proposals for a one-time contract to perform certain professional services (consulting) work for the Township for updating of the Comprehensive Recreation, Park and Open Space Plan (CRPOSP).


Jessica Drozd

Recreation Director

Marshall Township

525 Pleasant Hill Road

Wexford, PA 15090

Phone: 724-935-3090 x214

FAX: 724-935-3203


March 20, 2023


Marshall Township, located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania is a suburban community with 10,080 residents (2020 Census). The Township is 16 square miles in area and has a balance of traditional single family residential, multi-family duplexes, apartments and townhomes, commercial and office/industrial development. Further, the Township has excellent transportation resources with two I-79 interchanges and Pennsylvania Turnpike access just over the northern border of the Township.

The Township offers its residents over 170 total acres of park land in three separate parks and open spaces. There are four ballfields, four play areas, an 18-hole disc golf course, sand volleyball court, tennis courts, basketball court, trails, picnic shelters and rental facilities throughout the three parks.

In 2022, the Township adopted a new Comprehensive Plan to guide the next ten years of development in Marshall. One of this plan’s recommendations was to update the CRPOSP and incorporate other green space recommendations into the CRPOSP. The purpose of this plan is to update the 2009 CRPOSP while incorporating new guidance from the Comprehensive Plan. Many of the major projects and action items from the CRPOSP have been accomplished. A thorough evaluation of current facilities, programs and projects will be completed as part of the update. It is anticipated that a comprehensive resident survey will also be performed as part of the public input process.


A. General

The Township reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to select the proposal that it judges to be in the best interest of the township.

The contract is subject to the approval of the Board of Supervisors and is effective only upon its approval.

All proposals are bound by the deadline and location requirements of this RFP as previously stated in the announcement.

All proposals shall remain effective to the Township review and approval for a period of sixty (60) days from the deadline of submitting the proposals.

If only one proposal is received by the Township, the Township may initiate negotiations with the firm submitting the proposal or seek additional proposals on an informal basis during the sixty (60) day period that proposals remain effective.

The proposer is encouraged to add to, modify or clarify the scope of work items it deems appropriate to obtain a high-quality plan at the lowest possible cost. All changes should be listed and explained. However, the scope of work proposed, at minimum, must accomplish the goals of the work outlined below.

Consultants that anticipate submitting a proposal are encouraged to contact Jessica Drozd, Director, Marshall Township Parks & Recreation Department by emails at This will be used if an addendum to the RFP is issued by Marshall Township.

B. Scope of Work

a. Plan, Purpose, and Goals

i. Provide Marshall Township with an update to the 2009 CRPOSP to encompass the following:

1. Develop a plan to assess future needs for further upgrades to the parks and prioritize any work that needs to be done to improve park facilities, including an assessment of the necessity for additional park land. This should take into account the changes in Township demographics to ensure all populations are being met.

2. Evaluate how existing programming is meeting the needs of the residents as well as assess future programming needs, including current trends appropriate for the Township.

3. Evaluate the level of maintenance required to keep the parks in optimum condition and the necessary future resources to be committed to by the Township to provide a structured and schedule maintenance program.

4. Recommend an appropriate level of funding for recreation and park services, and any additional revenue sources that are not currently being pursued by the Township.

5. Evaluate current facilities; resident’s rental needs, Township programming facility needs and suggest appropriate changes, if any. This should include an evaluation of indoor gathering spaces for resident use year-round.

ii. Incorporate recommendations from the Township Comprehensive Plan, to include:

1. Creation of a linear park for passive recreation along Brush Creek.

2. The need for additional park land to preserve environmentally sensitive areas.

3. The need for indoor gathering spaces.

4. The opportunity for enhancements at Warrendale Park that will help create a “sense of place” and central gathering location in Warrendale.

iii. Develop a timeline for implementation of the Plan, to serve as a guideline for operational and capital budgeting.

b. General Information and Community Background

Update the 2009 CRPOSP general and community information to include: community character; setting; history; geographic information. This section will also include available 2020 census information.

c. Public Participation

i. Work with the Recreation Director, Township staff and Recreation Committee to guide and evaluate the plan throughout the planning process. The consultant will be expected to attend one meeting per month (7-10 meetings in total) to update the Committee on progress, answer questions, and gather feedback from the Committee.

ii. Conduct key person interviews. These will complement the public survey data that is collected by the Consultant.

iii. Analyze data collected through a Community Survey.

iv. Conduct public meetings related to the Plan, exact number of meetings to be determined by the Consultant.

v. Additional public outreach such as pop-up event(s) or attendance at schedule Township events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Community Day, movies/concerts in the parks should be considered to collect additional public input/comment.

vi. The consultant will include details of the public participation process in the plan document.

d. Administration

Evaluate and make recommendations on the administration and structure of recreation and park services. Analyzed practices should include the Township’s ability to involve public with long-range planning efforts, to work cooperatively with other public agencies, communities, the school district and community groups and businesses. This section should also include an analysis of existing office and Public Works procedures and policies.

i. Describe and analyze these conditions:

1. Relationships between the department and community organizations and its involvement with regional initiatives.

2. Public relations and marketing efforts to promote department functions, services, and programs.

3. Municipal-school cooperative efforts.

4. Cooperative efforts with other recreation providers, support groups, etc.

5. Opportunities for the public to get involved with planning efforts. Involvement could include the Department’s use of program evaluation forms, distribution of surveys, public meetings, etc.

e. Facility and Open Space Inventory

i. For areas owned and managed by the Township, each facility should be rated for condition; ADA compliance; CPSC compliance; current viability or obsolescence; walkability; diversity factors.

ii. Compare existing numbers and types of facilities with developed standards either from the NRPA or a county agency.

iii. Discuss and analyze the feasibility of intergovernmental cooperation in provide large-scale facilities such as a community center based on national standards.

f. Recreation Programs

Determine the effectiveness of existing programs by comparing them to other public and non-profit providers as well as meeting the needs of the residents as defined through public input. Identify new program areas and discuss how to develop them.

i. Analyze if there is a comprehensive offering of programs in the community that includes these types of activities; active and passive; competitive and noncompetitive; individuals and groups; all sexes and age abilities; variety of social, physical, and cultural deficiencies.

ii. Identify program deficiencies in the community and how the Township can address these.

iii. Discuss and analyze the feasibility of intergovernmental or private cooperation in providing certain programs.

g. Financing

Determine a level of financing necessary to provide and maintain appropriate parks and recreation programs and facilities.

i. Compare Township recreation expenditures, other operating and capital, with agencies and municipalities that have similar populations and socio-economic characteristics.

ii. Identify and discuss various sources of funding such as fees and charges, foundations, grants, donations, mandatory dedication, etc. and provide examples of their appropriate application.

h. Implementation and Executive Summary

i. Prioritize the operating-related recommendations (non-capital).

ii. For each recommendation, identify the following:

1. Who is going to be responsible?

2. What is the targeted date for implementation?

3. Potential costs.

4. Potential funding source(s).

iii. For capital improvements, provide a prioritized, multi-year Capital Improvement Program that is broken down by the short-term (1-3 years), medium term (4-7 years) and long term (8 years) projects and include the following information for each project:

1. Facility/area name.

2. General description of proposed improvements

3. Total estimated development costs of improvements, and phasing if applicable.

4. Proposed financing sources.

iv. Develop a brief executive summary of the plan’s highest priority findings and recommendations to be included in the beginning of the plan document.

1. General description of proposed improvements.

2. Total estimated development costs of improvements, and phasing if applicable.

3. Proposed financing sources.

C. Final Deliverables

Final deliverables will be submitted in accordance with an approved project completion schedule. The specific format and number of deliverables shall be subject to discussion with the selected consultant.

D. Proposal

a. Requirements-The successful person/firm shall be responsible for completion of the project up to and including adoption. The following shall be included in the proposal:

i. Name, address, telephone number, and brief history of the individual or firm.

ii. Resumes of personnel to be assigned to this project. Designation of lead contact.

iii. Related projects in which the firm has performed similar work during the last three years.

iv. Include names, addresses and telephone numbers of references and clients.

v. Include links to samples of work of a similar nature.

vi. A detailed description of individuals or firm’s approach to the project and a proposed work plan, including a description of the process that will be employed to solicit public input.

vii. A work schedule shall include an estimated time frame to complete the project, detailed by milestone or activity. Target dates for public meetings and completion of draft and final documents should be included.

viii. Full cost information should be provided, including the maximum number of hours to be provided by each person assigned to the project. The proposed hourly rate shall be included for each person. The hours of work and cost shall be itemized for each major work element of the proposal. An itemized estimate of reimbursable expenses must be included. The total amount of maximum payment must be stated. The cost shall be based on the hours of work provided and “out of pocket expenses” and shall not exceed the maximum cost proposed, without specific reason, and unless an amendment to the contract is negotiated and approved by the proper authority of the Township.

ix. Billing on the project shall occur monthly based on the hours spent on the project up to 90% of the contract value. The final hourly rate invoice shall be paid upon adoption, receipt of the final product and determination by Marshall Township that all requirements of the contract have been met.

x. All applicants shall submit three hard copies and one electronic copy of the proposal to the Marshall Township Municipal Building, 525 Pleasant Hill Road, Wexford, PA 15090. All proposals shall be submitted to the attention of Jessica Drozd no later than March 20, 2023. Proposals shall be labeled “Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan”.

E. Proposal Selection Process

a. Contact Person-Jessica Drozd

b. Selection Process

i. Upon receipt of the proposals the selection committee, to be determined, will review all submissions, and make recommendations to the Marshall Township Board of Supervisors.

ii. It is anticipated that the Selection Committee will recommend a “short list” of consultants to be interviewed. The interview team would consist of the Selection Committee. Although interviews may take place, the proposals should be comprehensive and complete on their own.

iii. The Township reserves the right to reject all proposals and the right, at its discretion, to accept the proposal most favorable to its interests. The Township shall not be required to select the lowest cost respondent.

iv. The Township reserves to request additional information about any respondent as it may reasonably require.

v. Proposals must remain open as an irrevocable offer to provide services as described in the RFP for a period of 90 days after the submittal deadline.

vi. The final decision regarding this proposal rests with the Marshall Township Board of Supervisors.

vii. Award of the project is tentatively expected to be made on or before May 1st.

c. Criteria for Evaluation

i. Proposals submitted will be evaluated based on the following:

1. Completeness of proposal.

2. Qualification of the individual/firm based on previous relevant experience.

3. Demonstrated understanding of the project.

4. Approach to the project.

5. Quality of work determined from both samples of work for similar projects, from the proposal itself, and reference checks.

6. A demonstrated ability to write clearly and concisely.

7. Qualifications of the person(s) to be involved.

8. Project cost.

F. General RFP Requirements

a. Right to modify, rescind or revoke RFP-Marshall Township reserves the right to modify, rescind or revoke this Request for Proposal, in whole or in part, at any time prior to the date on which the authorized representative of Marshall Township executes a contract with the selected consultant(s). The Township may also award a contract for a single phase of this project depending on available funding resources or other factors.

b. Right to reject-This Request for proposal does not commit the Township to proceed with the described project, select a consultant, or to award a contract to any consultant. Marshall Township reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

c. Schedule of events-Marshall Township will make a good faith effort to follow the timeline set forth in this Request for Proposal for evaluating, negotiating, and issuing an award.

d. Risk of Loss, Damage, Delay-Consultant acknowledges and agrees to release and hold harmless the Township, its officers, employees, agents, and staff, from and against any and all claims, liability, damages, and costs, including court costs and attorney’s fees, arising out of or pursuant to the delivery of the proposal or failure to deliver the proposal a direct by this Request for Proposal.

e. Ownership of property- All proposals become the physical property of the Township upon receipt. All work products prepared by the selected consultant for this project shall be the property of the Township.

f. Cost of participation- The Township specifically disclaims respond and/or liability for any and all costs, expenses, or claims relating to or arising out of the consultant’s participation in this Request for Proposal process, including, but not limited to costs incurred as a result of preparing, copying, shipping, presenting, and/or clarifying the proposal and the information relevant to the proposal.

g. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances. By submitting a proposal, the consultant agrees to and shall comply with all applicable local, county, state and Federal laws, regulations, and ordinances.

h. Insurance-The selected consultant shall, before work commences, procure, and maintain at its own expense during the duration of the performance of this project the following types of insurance with insurance companies authorized to operate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and acceptable to the Township:

i. Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability

1. Workers Compensation-Statutory

2. Employer’s Liability-in an amount not less than $500,000 per each occurrence.

ii. Commercial and General Liability-In an amount not less than:

1. $500,000 General Aggregate

2. $500,000 Personal Injury

3. $500,000 Each Occurrence

iii. Business Automobile Liability with a combined single limit not less than $500,000 per each accident

iv. Professional Liability in an amount not less than $500,00 minimum payment

v. Valuable Papers-Coverage in an amount sufficient to assure restoration of any plans, drawings, field notes, records or other similar data relating to work produced during this project in the event of their loss or destruction.

vi. Marshall Township, 525 Pleasant Hill Road, Wexford, PA 15090 to be added as an additional insured to these policies.

vii. Certificates must state that the insurer will notify the Township in writing thirty days prior to cancellation or modification of the policy.

i. Proposal effective date-All proposals must remain in effect and shall not be withdrawn for a minimum of ninety days from the deadline that the proposals are due to the Marshall Township Municipal Building. Proposals may be withdrawn in writing prior to the deadline that proposals are due at the Township mailing address.

j. Selection Committee- The Township reserves the right to appoint a project selection committee in charge of selecting the appropriate consultant(s) for this project. If this is implemented, the Committee will provide recommendations to the Board of Supervisors prior to the Board of Supervisors awarding the contract to the planning consultant(s).

k. The Township’s right to select-The Township reserves the right to select the proposal which it judges to be in the best interests of the project. This may include the Township awarding contracts based to separate consultants for each identified phase. Should only one proposal be received, the Township reserves the right to initiate negotiations with the proposer or to reject the proposal at any time during the said ninety days period that proposals remain effective and initiate a new proposal process.

l. Interviews-The Township may conduct discussions, either in-person or via electronic means, with any consultant who submit an acceptable or potentially acceptable proposal. The Township reserves the right to request the applicant provide additional information during this Request for Proposal process. The Township anticipates interviewing at least two applicants. As part of the interview process, the applicants should be prepared to make a brief presentation on the applicant firm’s experience and approach to the project. Applicants should also be prepared to answer questions related to their experience and their proposal.

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