Franklin County Economic Development & Planning

Pay Range: $55,182.44-$67,700

Perform comprehensive land-use planning as well as regional and local planning for the agency. Prepare and deliver presentations on the unincorporated areas of Franklin County as well as represent EDP at public meetings. Prepare written analysis of development proposals and prepare reports. Utilize independent discretion in making decisions on policy and procedures concerning rezoning and subdivision plans. Implement cooperative funding and development of projects with local agency participants. Design and implement research studies to include selecting appropriate data collection and analysis methods and techniques. Coordinate program and project efforts with federal and/or local governments and/or other participants.

Monitor implementation programs and services to determine effectiveness and revise and/or make recommendations accordingly regarding comprehensive plans for the townships. Review development proposals and building permits. Prepare monthly reports of evaluation findings and recommendations on rezoning, subdivisions, or comprehensive plans. Develop information systems for the exchange of information between various government entities, the public, and/or other participants. Meet with developers who are proposing new developments. Conduct stakeholder meetings for land use plans. Coordinate with necessary local, state, and federal agencies.

Evaluate administrative development proposals that do not require a public hearing. Conduct public meetings relating to land use plans. Act as a liaison between supervisors and other departmental personnel. Attend meetings or training for planning related projects. Maintain regular and predictable attendance.

These duties are illustrative only and you may perform some or all of these duties or other job-related duties as assigned.

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