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2020 Webcast PDFs

02.14.20 Planning All Over the World: US Planners working overseas
02.21.20 Creating Equitable Cities through Gender Mainstreaming
02.28.20 Sea Level Rise 101: How to Select and Use Sea Level Rise Data for Planning and Policy Decisions
03.13.20 State and Local Planning for Energy
03.20.20 Transportation Planning Division Orientation
03.27.20 Census 2020 – How Can I Advocate for a Complete Count?
04.03.20 Introduction to Content Engagement
04.23.20 From Isolation to Inclusion: LGBTQ+ Communities in Planning & Equity Issues
05.01.20 Craving Community: The Increments of Great Neighborhoods
05.08.20 Integrating Sea Level Rise into Plans
05.22.20 Project Management for Planners
06.05.20 Tactical Urbanism: Project Delivery for a Post-Pandemic World
06.12.20 Equity and Public Transportation: Current Trends and Recommendations
06.20.20 Driving Innovation to Create Aging-friendly Communities
06.24.20 Empowerment through Design to Create a Choice Neighborhood
07.01.20 Speeding Up Slow Street Projects
07.10.20 Innovative Financing to Build Market Rate Apartments in Rural Areas
07.23.20 Ethics for Planners
07.29.20 The Leading Edge in Trees, Stormwater and Urban Design
07.31.20 Corridor Urbanism: Principles and Practice
08.07.20 Planning for Uncertainty: Risk-Based Transportation Planning
08.14.20 Perspectives on Resiliency Planning
08.21.20 Planning for Utility Scale Solar Energy Facilities
08.28.20 Advanced Air Mobility
09.04.20 The Peace Cross case: US Supreme Court and local guidance
09.18.20 Public Art Life Cycle Part 1: Concept to Commission
09.25.20 State of Transportation Planning
10.02.20 Coastal Hazard Zones, Best Management Practices, Permitting and Planning
10.23.20 Shared Spaces and Flush Streets; the Potential for Barrier-Free Public Realms
10.30.20 Capturing the Best Elements of Engagement in a Digital First World
11.05.20 Land Use Law Update
11.06.20 The Value of the Curb
11.12.20 Sign Ordinances
11.13.20 Planning with Nature
11.18.20 Planning for Resilient Communities in the Midst of Pandemic, Social Justice and Climate Change Challenges
11.19.20 Ethics Cases of the Year
11.20.20 Planning for Freight/Logistics and Industrial Development - lessons learned
11.24.20 Better Public Engagement
12.01.20 The Planner’s Tool Kit
12.04.20 The “Avant-garde” Staff Report
12.08.20 Broadband and Planning
12.11.20 Incorporating Sea Level Rise into a Capital Facilities Plan or Capital Infrastructure Plan
12.15.20 Equity by Design
12.16.20 Historic Urban Landscape Framework and Historic Preservation
12.17.20 Equity Planning


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